BUSTED: Google Cover-Up EXPOSED…Hillary’s FURIOUS This Got Out!

It’s one of the most notorious details surrounding the Clinton’s. It’s something that could sink Hillary Clinton’s career—not to mention send her to jail. It’s the one thing that keeps many established politicians silent. And it’s the one thing that American needs to know about.

Throughout Hillary Clinton’s long and tarnished time as a politician, there have been a string of strange, unaccountable deaths connected to her. Critics, rivals, even witnesses for court proceedings, have mysteriously gone missing or have been found dead.

Each time the deaths have been ruled accidental or unsolvable. Of course there was no direct link between them and Clinton. Yet the list is growing so long, some cannot ignore the obvious.

There is a very real possibility that Clinton has been killing off threats to her power.

You can find the list anywhere online. Yet the media blissfully ignores this, as they have ignored all her dark dealings. Now we see there is another ally in protecting Clinton’s crimes: Google.

From Clash Daily:

[Google] has altered its search algorithm to prevent searches for “Clinton body count” from auto-completing, despite the term auto-completing when typed in on virtually any other search engine.

The ‘Clinton body count’ is an infamous list of alleged murders connected to the Clintons.

…In August last year, Politico reported on how “Google could rig the 2016 election” by altering its search algorithms.

It’s no surprise that Google would do this. Like many of the companies and services we rely on every day, Google is run by predominantly liberal leaders. Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter are openly in support of the democrat’s agenda. While we can boycott many of these companies if we feel the need, Google has become so entrenched in our lives, we might never be able to.

So what does this say about the future of our country? Should a search engine be allowed to censor the truth? Are we giving unprecedented power to a liberal company, just because they make finding recipes online so much easier?

Maybe we should rethink out we use the internet, and just who we should trust.

Source: Clash Daily

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