GOP Governor Makes YUGE Surprise Announcement – And Donald Trump Couldn’t Be Happier

“The GOP establishment is done for. This race shows that.”

Such strong words you might expect coming from the camp Bernie or Clinton. But, no, these were the words of a conservative governor.

After bowing out of the Presidential race, he has been watching it continue to unfold.  Like many other Americans, he is shocked by the amount of undeserving opposition the Republican Party has shown toward Donald Trump.

This includes smear campaigns, calling Trump a “racist” and “bigot” and even going as far to discredit his wife.

That is why Bobby Jindal took to the airwaves to express his disappointment.  Showing support for Trump on Meet the Press, he said: “Voters are angry and frustrated and, in some part, the Republican Party deserves some of that frustration. Donald Trump should serve as a wake-up call.”

He believes Trump’s success is a clear sign that the American people want to go in a new direction.  The established Republicans in D.C. have yet to pick up on the signal and are doing their best to stop it.

Jindal also spoke out against a brokered convention, a last-ditch effort by established GOP to prevent Trump’s nomination.  Such a move would certainly undermine any credibility the party has in the country.

“When huge chunks of your base are telling you something, you have to listen to them. Let the voters speak,” the governor said.

Jindal has announced he will support Trump if he gains the nomination, one of a growing number of Republicans to do so.  Now all that remains is to see if Washington Republicans will back down, or single-handedly sabotage the election.

Source: Political Insider

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