Gowdy And Chaffetz TEAM UP To Defend Travel Ban…HAMMER Democrats Into The Ground! [WATCH]

President Trump’s temporary suspension of travelers from terrorist-linked countries was met with intense criticism from liberals and a few anti-Trump republicans.

The media was quick to blow the 90 day halt out of proportion, in an effort to paint Trump as an uncaring, anti-immigration President.

But the reality is, even with opposition from judges and pending repeals, our country still faces dangers from radical Islamic terrorism. While the left criticizes Trump’s order, they don’t provide any measures to help curb the threat of ISIS. In fact, many of today’s critics said the SAME THING in year’s past:

It’s obvious career politicians will only say what they think will get them reelected. Those opposing the travel ban are only doing so because they lack power in Washington and want defy the sitting president.

But there are some in D.C. with a shred more common sense.

From Yes I’m Right:

Hear for yourself why President Donald Trump is correct in issuing a temporary travel ban from countries known to be hotbeds for harboring terrorists and/or are hostile nations towards the United States. Many will disagree however, Congress has spent the better part of two years deposing the FBI, DHS, CIA and others in the intelligence community, all of which have proven that refugees and immigrants from various regions cannot be vetted properly.

When faced with the facts, the opposition has no legs to stand on.

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Clearly they have been using emotional pleas to manipulate the public on this issue. They are hoping you will not watch videos like the one above and educate yourself on the ongoing danger these nations pose to the United States.

So what are you going to do? Are you doing to allow celebrities, crying politicians, and angry mobs decide your opinion? Or will you allow facts and reason to lead you to support our President?

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Source: Yes I’m Right

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