Trey Gowdy Drops A Ton Of BRICKS On Obama’s Shadow Government…On Live TV! [Watch]

The liberal media were silent, but we know of the many times President Obama violated our rights.

He committed so many crimes against Americans, it’s a wonder he’s not in jail right now. Yet our media refused to publicize it, in order to protect him.

Even now there is suspicion that Obama hold-overs are working to undermine our government. They are not loyal to President Trump nor to our country. They are leaking vital information in the hopes of derailing our democracy.

But one honest lawmaker is making sure they are brought to justice.

From US Herald:

The “criminal enterprise” known as the Obama Administration is finally being unraveled, and what we’re finally getting to see is just how pervasive and dangerous to our way of life, and how close we came to losing our Republic…

During an interview on Fox News Rep. Trey Gowdy once again cuts through the political spin and the media’s progressive dogma (which has undermined our political system), accusing the Obama Administration of using our surveillance program against American citizens.

The congressmen according to Real Clear Politics vowed not to vote to reauthorize ANY kind of surveillance program until he gets real, sustainable answers about the shadow government.

Moreover, the incessant leaks of classified information by Obama holdovers buried deep within the bureaucratic maze of the INTEL community to simply undermine the Trump Administration, are both a national security threat and criminal and must be plugged up immediately…

“We are not going to reauthorize these surveillance programs if the American people are not satisfied their security is going to be safeguarded.”

Again and again we are seeing Gowdy stand up for truth and justice. He led the committee that investigated the Benghazi attack, going after Hillary Clinton for her failures.

If there are Obama loyalists in the Deep State working to harm our country, Gowdy will flush them out. His commitment to our Constitution and American citizens’ rights will ensure no shadow government takes over.

It’s high time that disloyal and corrupt government agents get the boot. No one who is not loyal to the sitting president, or who wishes to hurt our country, should be acting at any level of authority.

James Comey is gone. But more might be lurking in the shadows.

Let’s hope they’re flushed out before it’s too late.

Source: US Herald

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