Guess which top Democrats confessed they have ZERO evidence against Trump? Should they resign?

For months, we’ve had to put up with the nonsense story that Trump worked with Russia to “hack” our election.

The dishonest media have been pushing the story as if it were fact. Yet time and again we’ve yet to see any evidence to prove their wild claims.

Some have even said Trump should be removed from office, simply based on their own speculation. It’s gotten to the point where major news outlets are blatantly making things up to support this fantasy.

Yet when asked point blank, if there is any evidence that Trump’s team worked with Russia, Democrats only have one thing to say: no.

From Daily Wire:

Rep., Maxine Waters, who has repeatedly called for President Trump’s impeachment, was asked “Have you see anything in either intelligence briefings, anything, to back up any of the accusations that you’ve made?”

“No we have not,” she said.

Sen. Diane Feinstein was asked “Do you have evidence that there was in fact collusion between Trump associates and Russia during the campaign?”

“Not at this time.”

Said Democratic Senator Joe Manchin: “There’s an awful lot of smoke there, let’s put it that way. People that might have said they were involved, to what extent they were involved, to what extent the president might have known about these people or whatever, there is nothing there from that standpoint that we have seen directly linking our president to any of that.”

Time and again they’ve come up empty. You’d think after months and months of investigations, speculation, and rumor-mongering, they could come up with at least a shred of proof. Yet we see over and over again that this Russia story is fiction.

Even the most hateful democrats cannot point to evidence. The people that are openly opposed to Trump, who are calling for his impeachment, cannot find proof of their claims.

That’s because it never happened.

But don’t be surprised to see the mainstream media continue this nonsense. Nor should you be surprised to hear liberals continue this ridiculous argument.

It’s just more evidence that they’re losing their hold on this country.

Source: Daily Wire

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