Guiliani Offers Trump PRAISE…Of Course, Trolls Call Him THIS…

America’s mayor, Rudy Giuliani, has been a stalwart Trump soldier almost since the start. The two New Yorkers have a lot in common, and we shouldn’t be surprised if Trump hands Giuliani a prized spot in the his cabinet.

For now, though, Giuliani is content to praise Trump’s victory. The history buff looked to America’s past for an analogy to this incredible win.

As Huffington Post reports:

In discussion with Lester Holt about Donald Trump’s lead in the polls, Giuliani said Trump is “one of the greatest victories for the people of America since Andrew Jackson.”

Twitter quickly latched onto the comment.

Giuliani just compared Trump’s ascension to that of Andrew Jackson’s, he forgot to mention that they’re both notorious racists, too.

— thanh nguyen (@itsthanh) November 9, 2016

That was just one of many tweets predictably mocking Giuliani and throwing around the usual personal abuse, veiled threats and cries of “racism.”

Regardless, Guiliani proved his skill during his mayoral tenure and trolls will always sit back and type what they want.

Credit: Huffington Post

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