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Here’s what happens when Socialism overtakes your country…
By OEditor|August 26, 2017

Things are getting serious.

Venezuela has been the victim of Socialist rule that has wrecked the country’s economy and its people. At the head of this rule, President Nicholas Maduro.

Maduro took over control of Venezuela after Chavez died back in 2013 and things have gone even farther downhill ever since.

Protests erupted back in 2014, and have continued until today. The people have spoken…

They are fed up with this corruption.

However, President Maduro is doing whatever he can to maintain his ever-slipping grip on control of the government and the people.

A few months ago back in April of 2017, Maduro announced in a speech that he would be arming civilians to help fight back against the uprisings and threats to the country.

It looks like that has begun.

Check out this video, it’s absolutely shocking. The government has begun handing out military gear, supplies, and guns to everyday men and women.

Now I’m completely in favor of a country’s citizens being personally armed and able to defend themselves but this is something completely different.

Watch and see:

It’s pretty shocking honestly.

We get very comfortable with the fact that we don’t have to deal with things to this extent in America. But we are not immune.

If we do not keep the government in check, this is what can happen. We must make sure the power of any individual government role is limited and unable to exceed its bounds. Values like we have are what makes America great.

We must stand up to small injustices and oversteps in the government to make sure large problems don’t evolve like we are seeing right now in Venezuela.

Stay strong fellow Americans and get the word out about the dangers of losing our freedoms as Americans.

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Source: The Blaze, Streamable

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