BREAKING: Hillary ABANDONS Key Swing State…Uses Media To INSULT Them As She Leaves!

The Democratic Party and the mainstream media have a new talking point: Faced with Trump’s serious challenge to Hillary Clinton’s lock on the electoral college, they’ve decided that certain states aren’t as important as they’ve been historically.

They actually sound like children who pout over a broken toy while insisting they “never much liked it anyway.”

For instance, now that Clinton is faltering in Ohio, the latest consensus is that it’s not really a “battleground” state any longer. Native Ohioan Patrick Poole writes:

On Monday, one article appeared in TIME magazine and one was published by the AP, both dismissing Hillary’s need for Ohio in her campaign’s electoral college calculus. Things have “changed,” apparently.

Over the weekend, the New York Times declared that Ohio is now — of course — too white and uneducated to be considered a bellwether state anymore:

As Mrs. Clinton’s aides privately note, the demographic makeup of Florida, Colorado and North Carolina, which have a greater percentage of educated or nonwhite voters, makes those states more promising for Democrats in a contest in which the electorate is sorted along bright racial and economic lines.

Noting that Time magazine has also picked up this meme, Poole challenges the idea that the state’s demographics have changed. He says that traditionally Democratic union workers are cool on Hillary:

“All that has changed in Ohio is its enthusiasm for the Democratic presidential candidate. The media, covering for Hillary, has taken up unabashed bigotry and elitism to explain away her downward trend.”

Two weeks ago, not one volunteer showed up to do Saturday door-knocking for Hillary in Delaware, Ohio. Is that a small but telling symbol of Clinton’s entire campaign right now?

Credit: PJMedia

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