Hillary Admits Trump ‘Made Her Skin Crawl’ In New Book—Americans ROAST Her For It

Hillary Clinton is not done alienating people just yet.

The failed presidential candidate was on the wrong end of one of the most monumental upsets in the history of politics, and that’s partially attributed to her unlikeability factor.  

Rather than coming up with an actual platform that made sense for American voters, Clinton spent her political capital by reciting the standard liberal talking points that benefit the few at the expense of many.

She came across as incredibly preachy while doing so, and anyone that may have been on the fence quickly leapt off to avoid having to hear her speak again.

Her scandalous past clearly demonstrated how untrustworthy she is, and she further ticked people off by treating the runup to the election as if it was some sort of prolonged coronation.

Outside of all that, she did a stellar job.

Fast forward to this year, and Clinton engaged in her well-publicized ‘blame tour.’ In essence, she made several public appearances in which she blamed anyone and everyone but herself for blowing the election.

Unfortunately, she still has some more to say. This time, it comes in the form of a book, which will be sitting on store bookshelves collecting dust before we know it.

As per usual with book releases, little nuggets are being leaked out to build up anticipation. Clinton’s cronies in the mainstream press are absolutely tickled with the first one, and they’re treating it as if it’s actual news.

Reason number one trillion why trust in the press is fading to an epic degree, but that’s a story for another day.

The Independent Journal Review shares the details.   

During the second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, a lot of people noticed the way Trump always appeared to be behind her.

While it’s likely that he was simply trying to stay on camera while she was answering questions — the town hall style of the debate allowed both candidates the freedom to move about the stage throughout the event — some claimed that it came off as “creepy”:


Never one to be known for having original thoughts, it looks like Hillary had someone from her campaign braintrust save this brainchild for later use.

The time has come. You guessed it, Clinton spends some time in her new book on being creeped out, and that’s conveniently been shared with the masses.

And with the upcoming release of Clinton’s new book, “What Happened,” she reportedly sheds some light on how she was feeling during that debate:

This is not OK, I thought. It was the second presidential debate and Donald Trump was looming behind me.

We were on a small stage and no matter where I walked, he followed me closely, staring at me, making faces. It was incredibly uncomfortable. He was literally breathing down my neck. My skin crawled.

Oh, that Hillary! Look at all she’s had to overcome! It’s nothing short of stunning that she still manages to resist, persist, and whatnot considering all of the traumas she has been through.

Having the nomination for the highest office in the land gift-wrapped and handed to you on a silver platter really demonstrates how hard she’s worked for everything throughout her life.

Lord only knows that she would’ve done the same for America if all those pesky obstacles weren’t in her way. Don’t even get us started about those nefarious Macedonian agents that controlled the minds of so many voters.

Returning to reality, Clinton’s big reveal was a big hit in the liberal echo chamber.

Mainstream outlets took a break from treating President Donald Trump like a pinata to share this ‘news’ with the world.


However, a number of Clinton’s critics got a hold of it as well.



No word on whether Clinton feels the negative backlash she inspired on social media was the result of Russian hacking.

In any event, be forewarned that a self-aggrandizing book from Clinton is on the way. There will be more drips of information, and the mainstream media will breathlessly present each and every one of them as if they’re earth shattering.

They won’t be, but we’ll still enjoy watching the press and Clinton munch on sour grapes.   


Source: Independent Journal Review

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