BREAKING: Hillary Thinks America Will Trust Her…If Her Impeached Husband Speaks For Her!

Of course Bill Clinton was going to speak on behalf of Hillary.  He has been speaking at these conventions since 1988—stopping now wouldn’t make much sense.  How much do you think the Clinton campaign paid him for this appearance?

On Tuesday night Bill got up in front of the cameras and the watching nation to speak as possibly the first ever “first man” of the United States. His goal was simple: humanize Hillary.  CBS reports:

Former President Bill Clinton sought to humanize his wife during his primetime speech at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday night.

Even the media admitted that this is her greatest weakness.  Forget the corruption and dead bodies the Clintons have left in their destructive wake—she just doesn’t come across as a person you would want to sit down and have a beer with.  Enter Bill.

But even Slick Willie wasn’t handed the keys to the car without some supervision.

Bill Clinton wrote the first draft of his Tuesday speech himself before sharing it with the campaign and some of his longtime speechwriters, and was tinkering with it as late as Tuesday afternoon.

Now on to the humanizing.  Clinton opened with some thoughts of the “love of his life” (I’m sorry, do you know how tough it was to type that?).

Clinton reminisced about asking Hillary Rodham three separate times to marry him.

First time “I asked her to marry me, she said I can’t do it.”

Hillary, your instincts, for once, were completely right.  You made a big mistake.  Unless, that is, you married him so you could use him to climb the political ladder (thus inspiring House of Cards).  Then Bill went on to give the audience the laundry list of her accomplishments.  They were small and insignificant, but if Slick Willie tells you something, it’s got to be true.

Clinton told the crowd how the former secretary of state got involved in civil rights, children’s issues, and registering Mexican-American voters.

Going back to using a spouse for political ends… It turns out that Bill won’t be picking out the flowers for events or leading the charge for eradicating child obesity by micromanaging what is on our kids’ plates.  No, the former two-term president has plans once he takes up residence again in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue:

While aides have said he will not get a cabinet post or a setup in the Situation Room, Hillary Clinton has made clear that her closest adviser will remain involved with her administration, saying he’d likely have a role in managing the nation’s economy.

In other news earlier in the day, Hillary’s hopes to have a peaceful day at the convention after a raucous, chaotic opening were dashed by the far left in the party.

Moments after Clinton became the first woman to be nominated for president by a major U.S. political party, a large group of Sanders delegates and supporters exited the Philadelphia convention site to hold a sit-in inside a media tent. Some had their mouths taped shut. A few spontaneously sang the chorus of the Woody Guthrie song “This Land is Your Land,” and a banner read, “We the people.” They said they were holding a peaceful protest to complain about being shut out by the Democratic Party.

“This was not a convention. This was a four-day Hillary party. And we weren’t welcome,” said Liz Maratea, a New Jersey delegate at the media tent protest. “We were treated like lepers.”

One day the Clintons are going to have to face the truth: the American people don’t want them anymore.  They don’t want the lies, the corruption, the thirst for power and manipulation.  And they will get America’s final answer on November 8th, 2016.


Source: CBS New York

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