Hillary Barely Survived The FBI Probe…Here’s The 4 Scandals That Will Destroy Her FOR GOOD!

Despite spending massive amounts of money in key battleground states, Hillary Clinton is sliding in the polls.

It seems that fancy commercials and ads can’t erase the fact that the FBI called her “extremely careless” and exposed her lying ways.

Although the FBI was too cowardly to recommend charges against the former secretary of state, everything they said points to wrongdoing on the part of Hillary. And the American people don’t forget too easily.

Over the coming months of the campaign, Hillary is going to have to prove why she should be trusted by the American people. And she just doesn’t have any clout to do so.

From The Daily Beast:

There’s still plenty of time for Clinton to reverse those swing state losses. But she is by no means out of the woods. The FBI and Justice Department may have spared Clinton from criminal prosecution over her use of a private email system, but she faces at least four legal and political challenges, any one of which could severely damage her. They include two open-ended congressional investigations about her email system, a court proceeding that could see Clinton deposed, and an internal inquiry by the State Department.

Any single probe would prove a liability as Clinton heads into her party’s nominating convention in Philadelphia later this month. But cumulatively, they ensure that the saga of Clinton’s private email, which has long re-enforced voters’ sense that she is untrustworthy, won’t dissipate in the runup to the election in November. Some of the investigations could remain unresolved even after the inauguration of the next president

Through the rest of the election cycle, more news is going to come out exposing more of Clinton’s wrongdoing on the part of her email scandal. And that’s just from the congressional investigation. Imagine what damage Trump is going to cause as he kicks up his campaign, releasing every last bit of dirt on Clinton’s past.

We know her dark dealings go beyond her illegal emails server. She lied under oath, took money in exchange for favors, and was generally a destructive force as first lady. You can’t wash away all the stains on her record. And although the Democratic party will roll over out of fear (or greed), the American people won’t be fooled.

They elected Barack Obama based on a (albeit flimsy) premise of hope, after eight long Bush years. But Hillary Clinton lacks any kind of optimism and hope. She represents everything wrong with government: corruption, special interests, and massive greed. Even liberals can see that.

Source: The Daily Beast

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