BOOM: Hillary’s Been Bragging About The Liberal Polls…But Wait Until She Sees THIS! – WHOA

Democratic presidential favorite Hillary Clinton, enjoyed a bit of a jump in the poll numbers following the debate with her Republican rival Donald Trump last Monday, but her lead may be only a fleeting dream before the reality of Trump’s stadium sized crowds of supporters.

If rally attendee numbers are the indicator of overall support, Republican, Donald  Trump will be the guy president Barack Obama will be reluctantly handing off the football to in January 2017. Obama couldn’t be more indignant and we, patriotic Americans, couldn’t be more delighted.

From the Independent Journal Review:

Last Monday, Americans finally got their chance to see Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face off in the first of three, scheduled presidential debates.

While online polls yielded a wide range of different results, most experts agree that Clinton ‘won’ the debate — and she has since enjoyed a boost in the polls as a result.

That might have come as discouraging news for some Trump fans, but — judging from the two candidates’ rallies on Monday — it’s much too soon to count the GOP nominee out yet:

Trump’s rally at the Budweiser Events Center in Loveland, Colorado, reportedly drew the biggest crowd the venue had ever seen:

Trump supporters packed into the overflow area, with event staff confirming a total crowd of about 10,000.

Hillary’s rallies held at the same time in Akron, Ohio, on the other hand, were so lackluster you could’ve heard an echo in the nearly empty buildings!
America as we know it will not survive another term with a Marxist president and with everything president Obama has done these last 7.8 years, Hillary’s promises to double down must not happen!
Donald Trump is the candidate we believe will steer us away from the abyss Hillary wants to cast America into.
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