Hillary Came To Rally…But It Goes Off The Rails When THIS GUY Shows Up!

After the Sunday night slander fest on Republican, Donald Trump, aka the debate, Hillary had a rally to attend in Detroit, Michigan where she had to maneuver through a pro-Trump flash mob in order to get inside the venue.

Once inside she spoke for about ten minutes slandering Trump a little more until a ‘protester’ standing behind Hillary and wearing a Bill Clinton T-shirt yelled out “Bill Clinton is a rapist” who was then promptly escorted out of the building.

Image Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The man was quickly escorted from the premises, after which Clinton laughed and commented, “I do hope someone follows that gentleman out and stages an intervention — he obviously hasn’t been paying enough attention to this election.”

Now notice even she wasn’t paying any attention to what the protester was saying. All she knew was that he was protesting her, but for what, she had no clue! The reality is it’s true, she knows it’s true and she knows we know it’s true!  All she can do is ignore it! Hillary Clinton is an idiot who couldn’t do ANYTHING without her support crew following her around and doing it for her. She is NOT what we want for our president!

Source: Independent Journal Review 

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