Hillary Caught Planting Questions At Her OWN Rally…Girl’s Identity Has Americans DISGUSTED!

If Donald Trump is such a horrible candidate, why do his opponents rely so much on ad hominem attacks, exaggerations and outright lies about the GOP contender? Shouldn’t the truth be damning enough? And if it isn’t, that should tell you something…

Hillary Clinton has been running a campaign of half-truths and manipulation, but the latest revelation tops them all. Not only did the Democrats hire an actor to portray a “real” American at one of her rallies and ask a scripted “question,” but that actor is only a child.

InfoWars reported:

When a 15-year-old girl popped up to ask Clinton about Trump’s past comments on women, it all seemed a little too scripted.

Sure enough, when YouTuber Spanglevision did some further investigating, it was revealed that this “random” girl in the crowd is a child actor named Brennan Leach.

What’s more, the girl’s father, just coincidentally is Pennsylvania democratic State Senator Daylin Leach, a staunch supporter of Hillary’s campaign.

Clinton loves to brag about how she’s devoted her “career” to helping women and children. This was always a questionable claim, but at least now we know she’s helped one little girl, if only to give the child a big addition to her acting portfolio.

This is crass, cynical, crony Democratic politics at its absolute worst.

Credit: ProudCons

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