Hillary Clinton surrounds herself with plenty of dubious characters, from her closest aide Huma Abedin to the strange “medic” who whispers in her ear when she freezes up in public.

Even the tens of millions of viewers who tuned in to Monday’s speech probably didn’t notice a new character. He’s been nicknamed the “Cleaner”:

A Hillary staffer, who is called the “Cleaner,” swooped in after she walked away from her podium, and he took all the papers that were on her podium. He put her notes in a file and carried them under his arm as he looked over at moderator Lester Holt.

The Cleaner then walked to the side of the stage, not sure of where to go. He waited for a moment until Holt got up, and then the “Cleaner” started to walk toward Holt. They met at mid-stage as the “Cleaner” looked intently at Holt. (…)

Many are saying that Holt went out of his way to help Hillary Clinton last night, and with the mainstream media working to help get Hillary elected, we would not be surprised if Hillary got some special “notes” from NBC, who employs Lester Holt.

So what’s that all about? Maybe it’s nothing, but maybe there really is something going on behind the scenes, such as moderator Lester Holt and Hillary Clinton working from similar notes while Trump was left in the dark.

At this point, given what we know about both the mainstream media and Hillary Clinton, would that surprise anyone?

Source: Mad World News

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