Trump Was Right…Hillary Makes STUNNING Admission On ISIS – GAME CHANGER!

The media latest obsession is Donald Trump’s statement that “President Obama was the founder of ISIS.” That one comment generated countless mainstream media reports denouncing the remark, and panel discussions analyzing how wrong he was.

Obviously, Trump was commenting on the fact that the Obama White House has created the conditions that led to the formation of these terrorists. Now a video has re-emerged that makes Trump’s case and the media will probably do everything it can to bury it.

On the tape, which dates back to 2009, Hillary Clinton explains how, after the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, President Reagan and Congress, led by the Democrats, decided to back the Mujahedin, also known as Al Qaida, which later morphed into ISIS during Clinton’s time as Secretary of State.

Of course, the story is long extremely complex. But the basic question remains:

Why would anyone believe that Hillary Clinton, of all people, will suddenly work to defeat ISIS once she becomes President, if she did nothing to destroy them when she had the chance before? Isn’t it more likely that she’ll find a reason to let ISIS continue its reign of terror, in order to push some agenda of her own (or one of her donors?) Can America take that chance while ISIS inspired terrorists are carrying out attacks across the West?

Credit: Yes I’m Right

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