WOW: Hillary DESTROYED By Her Own Liberal News Reporter…On Live TV! [WATCH]

We rely on the news to, at least, give us some accurate details about the people running for high political office but when those same people refuse to disclose information pertinent to such important subjects as their health, then it becomes an issue of national security.

Keeping democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s faux pas out of the public’s view has become a full time job for mainstream, lefty media. However, even they are starting to get a little frustrated at having to constantly cover for Hillary’s lies and lack of transparency.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell expressed her frustration in her remarks on the network’s “Morning Joe” program:

Hillary Clinton, in less than two days, has undone everything the liberal media has attempted to do when covering up Hillary’s lies while presenting her as healthy.

Hillary left the media in the dark for more than 24 hours. Mitchell explained, “This was so botched. This was so mishandled.”

To the Liberal media it’s OK when they keep the public in the dark but they don’t like it when the politicians lie to them. Isn’t that a little hypocritical? No wonder Conservatives don’t trust the mainstream media!

During the program, Ms. Mitchell also stated:

 “The whole issue of transparency and this only reinforces all of the conspiracy theories. I mean, we’ve all been trying to fact-check and pointing out that there’s nothing wrong with her.”

“After she had an exam on Friday morning, they had an affirmative obligation to tell us about the diagnosis of pneumonia, and then the secrecy yesterday, and for an hour-and-a-half the press corps, the protective press pool, the pool of reporters, which is supposed to be with her just for this kind of emergency, they are kept back at the ceremony.

They’re not told she’s gone to Chelsea’s apartment. Then they’re brought there so that we can see her coming out looking very spry and hugging the little girl, and then eight hours after this first happened they finally tell us about the diagnosis of pneumonia that occurred on Friday.”

If even their lap dog, liberal media is showing signs of fatigue in having to constantly cover for Hillary’s lies, what must the American voting public be thinking about Hillary now? Nothing good, we would hope.

Source: Political Insider

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