BREAKING: Hillary Email BOMBSHELL…New Evidence Proves She WILLFULLY Broke The Law!

As the investigation into former secretary of state Hillary Clinton unfolds, we are learning just how far she’ll go to protect herself.

In addition to setting up an illegal private email server, deleting thousands of classified emails, and lying about how she did it, we’ve learned she lied even more about how she cooperated with officials.

The more we unravel the behavior of this former SoS, we are more shocked at how blatant and dishonest she could be. We know she was a bully. We know she was a greedy crook. But the extent of her dishonesty is so vast, I can’t imagine anything she says is the truth.

From Breitbart:

Clinton sent an email to her deputy chief of staff stating that she did not want some of her emails to be “accessible,” presumably to Congress or to the State Department itself. That email helped form the basis of a scathing inspector general report that found Clinton violated rules.

Now, we know that Clinton did not hand over that email to State Department investigators, proving that Clinton violated her sworn statement that she handed over all of her emails. Her inability to hand over this email could also provide more evidence that she violated the Espionage Act by allowing national defense information to be “lost, stolen, abstracted, or destroyed” through gross negligence.

This is getting silly now. Hillary lied about how she lied. She is so mixed around, she probably doesn’t remember the lies she lied about. But email trails don’t lie; documents show the truth. Clinton desperately tried to cover up her email crimes, then lied about hiding that email.

How long before this entire investigation comes crashing on Hillary’s head? We have enough evidence to indict her ten times over. It’s high time this crook gets the justice she deserves.

Source: Breitbart

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