WATCH: Hillary EXPLODES At Press Question…Network Has To CUT Live Feed! – WHOA

It was said Hillary Clinton’s Air Force transport vehicle, during her husbands tenure as president, was given the designation of “Broomstick One” by her secret service detail. Whether true or not one can understand why it may be so.

When being interviewed by the news media she displays a marked intolerance for nosy questions about her private affairs. Being transparent is not one of her finer qualities (one might be hard pressed to discover if she has any at all).

During an interview, Hillary snapped at the reporter when asked what role her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, would play in the Clinton Foundation, after the elections, if Hillary should be elected.

Just raising the question if Hillary believed that Chelsea’s position on the Clinton Foundation board might cause a conflict of interest set Hillary off.  The Conservative Tribune reports:

“No, I do not,” as Clinton angrily interrupted the reporter “I’ve said over and over again, doesn’t matter how many times you ask me, and how you ask me. These issues will be decided after the election, and we will decide the appropriate way forward.”

Watch the full exchange below including when MSNBC feels they have to cut Hillary off before she tanks her campaign.

Hillary doesn’t like hardball questions, you see. She’s one of the upper crust, privileged elites who believes she doesn’t answer to the lowly rabble she pretends to represent!  If this behavior is typical of what can be expected during a Hillary presidency, God help anyone who crosses her, accidentally or otherwise.

Source: Conservative Tribune



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