Hillary EXPOSED…Meghan McCain Drops Murder BOMBSHELL On Live TV! [WATCH]

Meghan McCain, the daughter of Sen. John McCain – both of whom who’ve fielded fire from the right in recent times for perceived Republican-In-Name-Only qualities—may have nonetheless just picked up big brownie points with those in the conservative camp.


As Yes I’m Right noted, she bit into Hillary Clinton hard during a recent post-debate analysis, telling watchers on nationally broadcast TV: the Democratic presidential hopeful ought to realize that most voters, even those who support liberal candidates, view the former First Family as somewhat elitist.

McCain’s remarks came in response to one Fox News “Outnumbered” co-host, Dagen McDowell, arguing that Donald Trump shouldn’t have vowed to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton, and shouldn’t have said she deserves to be behind bars.

“McCain took this as one of the strongest things Trump has said yet,” Yes I’m Right reported.

And she explained just why, in a concise summary of what’s on the minds of most voters.

“I’ve said it before,” McCain said, Yes I’m Right reported. “Hillary Clinton could probably murder someone and somehow she’d get away with it. Hands down. The Clintons don’t live by the same laws that you and I do.”

She also added: Trump’s quip was one of his strongest debate moments because even those in the Clinton camp who are planning on voting Democrat, struggle at the notion that they “live by a different standard,” Yes I’m Right reported.

And her final parting shot?

As Yes I’m Right noted: “McCain said she didn’t take the remark as seriously as other pundits did, believing that Trump was pointing out that ‘she would be in jail if her last name wasn’t Clinton.'”

Source: Yes I’m Right

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