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BOOM! Another Day, ANOTHER CHARGE…Who Is Stepping Forward AGAINST Hil Now?
By Cheryl Chumley|November 7, 2016

FBI Director Comey may have “cleared” Hillary again, but the accusations of criminal misconduct Hillary is still facing, fighting and fending off are charging ahead.

How very un-presidential.

The latest bad news for the former Secretary of State comes from statements by former Michigan Rep. Pete Hoekstra, who’s outright accused Clinton of running an organized crime racket from the country’s political hotspot, Washington, D.C.

Breitbart reports:

[Hoekstra said], “This is organized crime at the highest level of our government. No one gets rich, or that rich, coming out of the U.S. government. I don’t care if you are a former president … It was pay for play. It was, ‘Hey, my wife is Secretary of State.”

Hoekstra specifically pointed to the many meetings Clinton hosted with Clinton Foundation donors during her time at the State Department, saying that ample evidence shows that Clinton spent much of her time at State forging connections and making deals to benefit her Clinton Foundation and family.

Further in the Breitbart report:

“It’s awful,” Hoekstra said, “what the Clintons did with the Foundation, and what they’ve done to jeopardize America’s national security to enrich themselves.”

The FBI may side with the Clinton family to hide all of their unlawful doings, but there are too many others who knows what they’ve done — and that truth will not be suppressed.

Source: Breitbart

Cheryl Chumley
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