Hillary FINALLY Concedes…Offers THESE 6 Words For EVERY American

It was the ultimate letdown for Hillary Clinton’s strongest supporters. Not only did they lose the election, but she couldn’t even come out and graciously address the tearful voters at what was supposed to be her victory party.

No one ever said the Clintons were classy.

But, she finally emerged the next day, and it was a memorable appearance. And had Hillary shown this softer side sooner and on the campaign trail, she may have won.

Of course, it is hard to know who the “real” Clinton is: this humble, thoughtful woman, or the shrill harpie Americans saw and heard for all these years?

Regardless, Hillary sent an important message loud and clear: “We owe [Trump] an open mind and a chance to lead.”

Her other remarks, however, while generous on the surface, were tinged with anger and vengeance, as calling on her supporters to “keep fighting” didn’t sound too conciliatory.

A strong, empathetic start to her speech was nice, but what followed proves that we shouldn’t be fooled by those tears.

Credit: Allen West

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