HILLARY FOR PRISON: Here’s The Shocking Identity Of The Genius DRIVING It!

It’s amazing to think of the audacity of Hillary Clinton. Despite her long-tarnished reputation, she still thinks she can win over the American people.  Even as more and more evidences is released about her corruption—and the corruption of her buddies in the DNC—she still runs for president, blissfully lying to news reporters and ignoring the writing on the wall.

What she refuses to acknowledge is the vast lack of trust on the part of the American voter. Say what you will about Republicans and their candidate, nobody is more hated in politics than Crooked Hillary.

Across the country people are expressing their outrage over her behavior. You can be sure we as a country are being humiliated by the international community over her many lies, shady dealings, and deceptive behavior. Online and in the streets, Americans are making it clear: they have no love for Hillary.

But this one just might be the best.

From Daily Times Herald:

It was a typical summer celebration in small-town Iowa. The sun was shining on children carrying bags full of candy as the Arcadia Fire Department was celebrating its 100th anniversary on Saturday with a parade…

A young blond boy, no more than 8 years old, ran out into the street near the intersection of West Center and South Gault streets because one float was handing out water balloons. The child grabbed his balloon, took aim and did his best Nolan Ryan impression as he fired the balloon at a man dressed in an orange jumpsuit and Hillary Clinton mask while standing on a platform inside bars, fencing and barbed wire above a “Hillary For Prison” sign tacked onto the side.

Bull’s eye.

It was really quite a sight to behold. A parade float in the shape of a jail cell, with a man dress in an orange prison outfit and Hillary mask. The folks gathered were all too happy to grab a water balloon and let it fly.

Now you may be thinking this was done by passionate Republicans. You’d be wrong.

“It was my idea,” Kyle Julin of Manilla said. “Pretty much me and Josh (Reetz). It took us about a day-and-a-half to build.”

Julin said he, Reetz and Adam Corky (Clinton impersonator) are not affiliated with any official political organization. Julin said he’s an independent and as of March 2014 Reetz was a registered Democrat.

This is proof that Americans of all walks of life are sick of Hillary’s corruption. They are tired of phony politicians who can’t stop lying. They are sick of Washington manipulating their freedoms for their own personal gain.

And they’re making their voices heard.

Source: Daily Times Herald

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