BAM! Hillary Spins Glass Ceiling Lies…Until This Famous Woman BLASTS Her!

The Democrats are quite good at making up fiction. They should all leave politics and become novel writers. They’d sell more books than J.K. Rowling! Why do I say this? Because their narratives are so fantastical, so unrealistic, they’d make for great best sellers.

Or horror novels.

When they claim that Hillary Clinton is the first female nominated by a major party, they outright lie (Google Victoria Woodhull for the story of a real trailblazer). They try to make you believe Hillary Clinton is a hard-working woman who overcame unstoppable odds to get to where she is today.

Except she didn’t. All her most notable positions of leadership were given to her.

From Conservative Tribune:

While some liberals were busy pulling out lacy hankies and dabbing their eyes over this profound moment that in reality changed nothing, some people were fighting back against this narrative, saying that Clinton didn’t deserve that title.

One of these people was former Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, who said that Clinton didn’t deserve that title because she didn’t work hard to get where she has gotten.

“Far from being a trailblazing woman who has risen through her own merit and accomplishment, Hillary Clinton is, in fact, someone who has used her husband’s name, fame, and charisma to get ahead,” said Fiorina on her Facebook page.

Hillary’s first notable position was as wife of a governor, then as First Lady. Riding that notoriety, she bamboozled her way into Congress. Then after manipulation Obama she became the worst secretary of state in American history.

She never broke through a glass ceiling. Carly Fiorina, despite failing to achieve the GOP nomination, worked hard to become a successful business woman. Despite attacks from the media, she continues to strive for great things.

Compared to her, Clinton is a hack.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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