Hillary Health BOMBSHELL…Leaked Secret Report REVEALS The TRUTH!

It’s becoming more evident that something is wrong with Hillary Clinton. No, we’re not talking about her politics, or even her history of corruption, but her rapidly failing health.

We’ve written twice recently about reports that the democrat for president is suffering from some form of ailment. Though she refuses to release any kind of medical report to combat these rumors, more details are surfacing on just how sick she might be.

Now we’ve learned that the people closest to her, the Secret Service, have leaked even more facts about the ill Hillary Clinton.

From Conservative Tribune:

A source from within the Secret Service has made some dramatic claims about the health and well-being of the former secretary of state, according to teaparty.org. The information was reportedly revealed during the Republican National Convention in July, but has only now leaked to the public.

First, the report claimed that Clinton has a “very serious neurological degeneration,” perhaps Parkinson’s disease…

Next, the report said that “around half a million dollars has been spent to specially adapt three SUVs in which Clinton travels to provide lowered floors and disabled access to prevent Hillary from tripping.”

The photo taken recently of Clinton having trouble walking up a short flight of stairs lent some credence to this aspect of the report.

This aligns with the fact that her staff consistently try to keep reporters away from her, for fear of noticing her ailments and the possibility of petit mal seizures (caused by camera flashes).

Recently we’ve seen odd behavior on the part of Clinton, including photos and video of her having trouble walking, making erratic faces, and being barely able to stand.

This is a grave concern. Could the liberal media be covering up the fact that their candidate is seriously ill? Could the Clinton’s be so arrogant, so selfish, so disrespectful of the American public, that they’d let a woman run who will be unfit to serve?

Hillary Clinton must release her medical documents to either disprove these rumors, or come clean and bow out of the race.  It is the only sensible thing for her to do.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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