SHOCK Photo Goes Public…Hillary’s Health Crisis EXPOSED! – WHOA

Evidence of Hillary Clinton’s failing health is becoming impossible to ignore. The mainstream media is trying to distract attention from this all-important issue by focusing on off-the-cuff remarks made by Donald Trump, but the Democrats must know they can’t stop voters from talking about this subject forever.

Yet another photo has re-emerged and the call for the Clinton camp to release their candidate’s medical evaluation is growing stronger:

A photo from April shows now-Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton being firmly held up by a man on her right side to keep her from falling over as she addressed an overflow crowd during a campaign stop in Los Angeles, while a man on her left side is seen urgently extending his arm to aid in propping up Clinton. Obscured behind Clinton is a third person whose extended hand can be seen reaching out to steady her left arm.

It is not clear what made Clinton lose her balance such that three people had to rush to keep her from falling down.

The photo is being shopped for big money so we can’t republish it, but you can see it yourself HERE.

Tellingly, the photo was taken by Mark Ralston of AFP/Getty Images and was published with an innocuous caption that played up the fact that Clinton was speaking “to an overflow crowd” but ignored the bizarre sight of her being propped up by a group of handlers.

It’s frankly amazing that the photo was made public at all, given the media’s role as Clinton’s unofficial publicists.

Source: Gateway Pundit

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