BREAKING: Hillary Just Broke NC Election Law…Will She Face The Consequences?

The US election process is deeply complex and convoluted.

In fact, there is no such thing as a national election in the US. We have 51 state elections (inc. DC). Each of these has its own rules for how elections are conducted and what sorts of election activities are lawful.

While the benefit of this system is that it makes it extremely difficult to steal, it also makes it pretty hard to run. You need an army of lawyers and other specialists to ensure ballot access, lawful campaigning and proper reporting.

Hillary Clinton certainly has all of that, but hey, who needs it when you are so untouchable that no one dare calls you out when you break the law!

It’s not really a surprise, but still: Hillary Clinton’s team violated North Carolina elections laws, at least according to an investigation by the Political Insider website.

Putting together evidence from news reports, tweets, photos and even Google Maps, they say Hillary’s appearance at an early voting site in Raleigh was illegal.

The Insider cites North Carolina’s laws against “electioneering,” which created a 50 foot “buffer zone” around “the entrance to the polling place”:

Clinton’s entourage rolled up to the Chavis Community Center and the candidate took selfies with adoring fans while early voting was taking place.

The question of whether or not electioneering laws were violated hinges on Clinton’s distance to the entrance of the polling place. (…)

The Chavis Community Center offers ‘curbside voting’ for those voters too physically impaired to enter the building. The curbside voting takes place where the Clinton entourage pulled up – within 50 feet.

The trouble is, even if Clinton broke the law, it is improbable that she’ll be penalized before the election is over, if at all.

While her presence at that particular polling station will have little impact on the outcome, it provides more evidence of how brazen Clinton is about operating outside the rules. There is one set of laws for Hillary and her friends, and another for the rest of us.

Source: The Political Insider

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