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Hillary Just Got ANOTHER Terrible Endorsement…Media Silence DEAFENING!
By PJ Editor|September 4, 2016

Here is a textbook case of media bias that is as naked as it is disgusting.

When Donald Trump failed to “disavow” the support of white supremacists vigorously enough after getting ambushed on CNN, the media played it to the hilt. As if it should matter what anyone should think of a fool like David Duke!

They played it up for days and days until the absurd idea that Donald Trump is racist took hold in the minds of the voters. This is propaganda 101.

You know who else is really good at propaganda?


TruthFeed reports on who they are supporting this election…

So with all this attention to Trump on David Duke, surely you read the news about John Bachtell, right? He endorsed Hillary and the headlines were everywhere. Oh, wait, sorry. Mr. Bachtell’s Hillary endorsement was apparently not newsy enough to make the mainstream media headlines.  Curious, yes? If the endorsement of Trump by the ex-head of the Ku Klux Klan is big news, one would expect a Hillary endorsement by the head of the Communist Party USA would be a big deal as well.

That’s right. Hillary-supporter Bachtell is, as seen here, the very proud “national chair of the Communist Party USA.” That’s right, Mr. Bachtell is a literal card-carrying Communist. You recall the Communists, yes? The folks who produced Stalin and Mao? The advocates of a political philosophy that is described in The Black Book of Communism as being responsible  for “between 85 million and 100 million” deaths? in “the most colossal case of political carnage in history.”

Racists suck, but they didn’t use state power to kill millions of people. They don’t run North Korea or Obama’s vacation paradise Cuba. But hey, I guess that’s none of our business.

Source: TruthFeed

PJ Editor
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