Hillary LOSES The NYT…Just SLAMMED Her For ‘Incredibly Stupid Thing!’ – WHOA

With only days before the election, the Democratic Party has been spun on its head with the revelation that the FBI has reopened its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s illegal private email server.

New evidence has been brought to the Bureau’s attention—no doubt fueling public pressure to bring justice to Clinton—and has forced their hand. This news has dealt another blow into Crooked Hillary’s chances at the White House and has energized new voters to support Donald Trump.

If you look at the mainstream media’s reaction to the news, you’d think the world was coming to an end. Liberal “journalists” have said everything—from calling for FBI Director Comey’s job, to once again blaming Russia—in reaction to the new investigation.

But it only confirms what we’ve been saying all along: that Hillary Clinton is a criminal and unfit to be president.

Regardless of the outcome of this new investigation, she has no chance at winning the general election.

Even liberal pundits are going on national television to criticize the woman.

From Breitbart:

Monday on CNN’s “New Day,” New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman sounded off on the renewed controversy swirling around Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of state…

I think the whole thing has been exaggerated from the start. But let me say this: Hillary Clinton has no one else to blame but herself. Why in the world did she do this incredibly stupid thing?”

In an effort to cushion the blow, Friedman tries to claim that the investigation was unfounded and that there was no “definitive proof” that Clinton jeopardized national security with her illegal server.

Apparently Friedman is ignoring Comey’s earlier findings in the case that proved Hillary sent classified documents via her server.

So even though Friedman is still trying to protect Hillary, he agrees that setting up a private email server was wrong. Ya think?

The fact remains that Clinton set up an illegal, private email server, outside the firewalls of the State department to hide the details of her special arrangements between the Clinton Foundation, herself, and foreign donors. She used the State department as a front to get cash and used the server to hide this from the government.

So yeah, it was stupid of her to do it, but it was necessary to cover up her crimes. Duh. Instead, Friedman should be saying Hillary betrayed the American public’s trust, should never have been nominated for president, and must step down to save the party more embarrassment.

But I doubt he’ll do that.

Source: Breitbart

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