BREAKING: ACCUSED Of Planning MURDER…Hillary Forced To Respond!

Hillary Clinton has long been the subject of rumors that she is somehow responsible for the deaths of people she finds inconvenient.

Suspicions continue to swirl around the death of former aide Vince Foster, for example. Recently, some Clinton critics and colleagues alike have turned up dead.

That’s why the following story is so believable on its face, although more evidence is needed to confirm whether or not it is true:

The conservative website True Pundit cited anonymous “State Department sources” in a report on Sunday to claim that Clinton in 2010 suggested to some staff members that the U.S. “drone” Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, whose website had embarrassed the U.S. when it published diplomatic cables, among other documents.

“Can’t we just drone this guy?” the website claimed Clinton had said.

“I don’t recall any joke,” Clinton said, when asked about the allegations at a press conference in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday. “It would have been a joke, if it had been said, but I don’t recall that.”

Ironically, Assange might have shot himself in the foot, so to speak, when, after a massive build up, his promised document dump on Tuesday turned out to be a lot of hype but no substance.

If he really does have more damning evidence against Hillary Clinton, he needs to release it as soon as possible before election day.

Source: Politico

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