BREAKING: Hillary SHOCKING Response To Bill’s Love Child…She’s A MONSTER! [WATCH]

The week got off to an earthshaking start when broadcaster Alex Jones announced the identity of Bill Clinton’s alleged mixed-race son.

According to Jones:

“Bobbie Ann Williams– a Little Rock street hooker — says she and Bill did cocaine together, as well as having a foursome with 2 other prostitutes in the country cabin of Bill Clinton’s mother, while Clinton was serving as governor in 1983-1984.

“Williams claims Bill Clinton sired her son Danny in 1985, though Clinton– deadbeat dad that he is– never claimed or supported him.”

On his show, Jones talked to Roger Stone, who specializes in investigating the backgrounds of both the Bush and the Clinton families.

Stone said:

“The media lets Hillary go around saying, ‘black lives matter,’ but they don’t address the question of Bill’s abandoned, rejected mixed-race son, Danny Williams. (…)”

He added that, contrary to information that’s been spread in the media, “there is no DNA test” that proves that Bill Clinton isn’t Williams’ father.

“It’s Hillary who told his mother and his aunt they’d be arrested if they came around. It’s Hillary who puts a private detective on silencing the rumors about Bill’s illegitimate son.”

What a mess. If true, then this story is just another chapter in the sordid Clinton saga. The sad thing is, many Americans are so inexplicably loyal to the Clintons that they will just shrug it off.

Source: Alex Jones

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