It Happened AGAIN…Hillary Takes EXTREME Measure To Hide Her ILLNESS! [WATCH]

After the antics over the weekend, it’s hard for anyone to deny that Hillary Clinton is having so health problems. She may try to bamboozle the public by saying it’s simply pneumonia, but it’s clear something much worse is afflicting her.

For months we’ve been seeing signs that the woman is suffering from a serious illness. She’s acted erratically at events, had trouble standing and walking, and is seen with aids carrying syringes and other medication.

Can’t all be from pneumonia, Hill.

Even before the shocking collapse at the 9/11 memorial, Hillary was exhibiting signs over the weekend of greater deterioration. Earlier, at a press conference, she couldn’t even get through speaking without interruptions.

How she handled it, however, was a tad desperate.

From The Gateway Pundit:

Democratic party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton stepped behind a pillar to keep the press from filming her coughing at a press conference Friday on national security issues.

A listless, tired looking Clinton had been speaking and taking questions for about fourteen minutes when she first ended her press conference but came right back to the microphone to answer a shouted question about her rival Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaking to Larry King on King’s show that is on Russian owned RT.

Clinton spoke for another two minutes then abruptly cut herself off, turned and walked away, curtly saying to the press as she turned her back on them, “Thank you all.”

As soon as Clinton was behind the pillar immediately stage right a loud double cough could be heard. As Clinton stepped past the pillar her closed right hand could be seen coming down from her face, as one does when coughing.

It’s ironic, don’t you think? During a press conference addressing an issue as serious as national security, Hillary is hiding from the press just to cough?

Doesn’t impress you with any sense of strength or stability, does it?

The Clinton camp has been fighting off anyone who has questioned her health, even going as far as calling them sexist. Their handling of the issue has been disastrous and will be a big factor in her losing the election.

A simple medical report, detailing what’s really wrong with the candidate was all they needed to provide. Instead they hid Hillary away from the press, attacked anyone with genuine questions, and progressively lied about what’s really wrong with her.

It is staggeringly dishonest for her campaign, and by extension, the Democratic Party, to lie so openly to the America public. They know she’s sick. We know she’s sick.

When are they going to finally admit something’s seriously wrong with her?

An election can’t be more important than the woman’s health, can it?


Source: The Gateway Pundit

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