WHOA: Hillary Clinton Tops A SHOCKING List…This Should DISQUALIFY Her!

In case there is any doubt about Hillary Clinton’s ties to the Middle East, and her penchant for supporting all things Islamic in nature, a new report from the Middle East Forum should prove clarifying.

How bad is it?

Bad enough that the report ought to be renamed the Clinton Cash Machine.

OK, here are the details, from Breitbart: “The Middle East Forum has released its 2015-16 ‘Islamist Money In Politics’ list, charting the top ten recipients of contributions from Islamic organizations — and Hillary Clinton is at the top of the list.”

So what does that mean, in layman’s terms?

Only that Clinton is so financially tied to the Middle East that her loyalties should be suspect. If she’s president, to whom does she owe a debt of gratitude – the American voters who elected her, or the Middle East sources who financially supported her through the years?

It’s a rather alarming thought – especially when you consider this, also from Breitbart: “According to the Middle East Forum, their list tracks political donations’from individuals who subscribe to the same Islamic supremacism as Khomeini, Bin Laden, and ISIS.'”

Clinton received $41,165 from sources described by the Middle East Forum as “prominent Islamists,” including nearly $20,000 from senior officials with the Council on American-Islamic Relations – an organization labeled by the United Arab Emirates as a terrorist organization.

But let’s be fair: Perhaps Donald Trump and the Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson also fielded and accepted similar donations, right?


From Breitbart, once again: “Republican Party candidate Donald Trump and Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson took no money from Islamists, according to the report.”

The report doesn’t even include money taken in by the Clinton Foundation. Saudi Arabia, a Sharia-dominated country, gave up to $50 million to the Clinton Foundation. The Emirate of Qatar, a country known for human trafficking, donated between $1 million and $5 million.

Source: Breitbart

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