BUSTED: Hillary Under Fire For Email Lies…The Noose Is Tightening! [WATCH]

Hillary’s lies just keep piling up… and one day they’re going to come crashing down.  What if today is that day?

First Hillary used a personal server for classified emails.  Then she lied to the FBI about it.  On Sunday she lied directly to the American people in a Fox News interview—about lying to the FBI.

She’s about to break a world record for the biggest fib-sandwich ever created.

And someone in the media finally called her out on it four days later. From Hot Air:

“Is that true?” CNN’s Jake Tapper asked last night about Hillary Clinton’s repeated claims that James Comey’s FBI investigation vindicated her claims of innocence. “Did FBI Director James Comey testify that the repeated comments Hillary Clinton had made to the public about her private e-mail server, quote, ‘were truthful’?” It’s the pause and the glare Tapper gives that makes the succeeding “No” all the more delicious.

Tapper points out that Comey did say Hillary didn’t lie … to the FBI. That would have brought an indictment for obstruction of justice, which is why Hillary didn’t press her luck in the interrogation. But as Tapper points out, that’s not the question Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace asked. He asked Hillary if her public statements — including the repeated claims that she had never transmitted classified information herself — were lies.

Jake Tapper is more willing than most in the mainstream to get to the truth.  Now that it is abundantly clear Hillary is tangled up in her own web of lies for the whole country to see, will she be prosecuted for her crimes? And will her opponent use everything in his arsenal to make it clear to the American people that she has disqualified herself from the Presidency?

Time will tell.  Watch below:

Source: Hot Air

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