EXPOSED: Hillary’s Link to ISIS Funding Revealed…The Clintons Are PANICKING!

It becomes a frustrating effort on the part of freedom-loving nations to combat terrorism, when there are so many groups willing to support it. As ISIS spreads it corruption across the globe, the United States and our allies are working hard to combat them (or at least they claim to be).

While there are efforts to slow ISIS’s movements, with hard-working soldiers and agents working across the globe, it seems that the terrorist organization is still growing. How can that be?

Mmm, maybe it’s because they are being bank-rolled by Western companies?

No, sadly, I did not make that up.

And guess who’s involved with these companies? You guess it: Hillary Clinton.

Via Breitbart:

Hillary Clinton sat on the board of a Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) partner that is under investigation amid accusations that it supplied funds to the Islamic State during negotiations with the terrorist group.

A French company accused of sending payments to ISIS confirms to Breitbart News that Clinton served as a board member of the company, and that the company partnered with the Clinton Global Initiative as recently as 2014. Financial records show that the company donated between $50,001 and $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation, according to the Donald Trump campaign.

The company LaFargeHolcim, known as LaFarge, is a cement company that is in hot water following reports that it did business with ISIS.

According to the investigation, LaFarge paid “taxes” to ISIS in order to keep doing business in regions they controlled. I put taxes in quotes, because it was really a ransom. ISIS was demanding cash if the big cement provider wanted to play ball.

But it begs the question: is doing business in Syria so important to LaFarge that it’s willing to fund a terror group? France has been one of the biggest targets of ISIS’s hate, with devastating attacks in the last two years.

How could a French company comply with the murderers of their own people?

The fact that this company is in bed with the Clinton Global Initiative might shed some light. Clinton’s globalist agenda blissfully ignores reality. They push for a destructive one-world goal that will deprive nations of their sovereignty and power.

They don’t care if their policies help fund terrorism, if it moves forward their influence in nations across the world. I can see the Clinton’s pressuring LaFarge to pay the “tax,” just so they can keep a few fingers in Syria.

And of course make more cash in the future.

The investigation is ongoing. Hopefully LaFarge will be held responsible for their actions. Maybe it will send a message to the rest of the world that doing business with ISIS will not be tolerated.

This also should open people’s eyes to the dangerous agenda of Bill and Hillary Clinton and their “Global Initiative.” These people don’t care about strengthening and enriching America, but catering to a global ideal that will keep corrupt dictators and foreign business owners in power, at the expense of regular citizens.

That’s a danger we cannot allow in the White House.

Source: Breitbart

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