Hillary’s Minority Firewall Is CRUMBLING…Stunning Endorsement Has Donald SMILING! – WOW

The enduring damage Hillary Clinton has done to the Democratic Party may never be erased. Thanks to a litany of corruption, which stemmed all the way to DNC leaders, many Americans have abandoned the liberal party. They have seen how corrupt, dishonest, and un-American they really are.

The tenets liberals have clung to for many years are falling away. Once they could boast they were the party for gay Americans. But thanks to the horrific events of Orlando, FL, they gay community has learned democrats do not have their support.

They used to be the party for women, but the bad example Hillary Clinton has set, from defending her husband’s tarnished reputation as a rapist to showing zero support for women’s rights overseas, that has been taken away from them as well.

Now even their tired, untrue assertion that they are for American minorities is fading away. As racial tensions growing hotter, thanks to radical activists groups like BLM, more black Americans are seeing how liberal politics are dividing the country.

And they’re finding Donald Trump to be the better alternative.

From Breitbart, podcaster Sonnie Johnson had some strong words for the crumbling Clinton agenda:

“As she starts to see her firewall crumble – which I am so blessed to live during the time when I can watch her firewall crumble! – she has to do anything she can, and this will be the year that Donald Trump has took sexism away from her, so this is not a ‘War on Women,’ and as long as he keeps talking to the black community and does not stop, because they call him a racist, he will take racism from the Democratic Party, and it is a beautiful thing to watch,” Johnson said.

When the Pulse nightclub was attacked and over 50 gay Americans died, Trump did not hesitate to extend his support for the community. That took away the democrat’s stance that they’re “pro-gay.” Thanks to the example of Melania and Ivanka Trump and countless other women in the Trump organization, we’ve seen that Donald supports women’s rights in the workplace.

Now he is reaching out to the black community, offering support and the promise of a better life. He is doing what the democrat elitists have refused to do for years: bridging the divide between white and black Americans to make our society stronger. He’s not interested in pitting one group against the other, but promises that American will be the better if we unite and rally behind his banner.

So the old base the democrats have manipulated for years is steadily slipping away. Couple that with Clinton’s litany of criminal negligence and bribery, she doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

Source: Breitbart

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