Hillary’s SECRET Meeting Revealed…One MASSIVE Corporation Planned Her Campaign!

It’s no secret that the tech titans of Silicon Valley hate Donald Trump (although PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel is one outspoken exception.)

Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube have all censored conservative or politically incorrect user content, and, some argue, also do their best to “bury” negative news stories about Hillary Clinton.

But that and their dislike of Trump doesn’t necessarily translate into unvarnished enthusiasm for Hillary.

New Wikileaks emails show that a year before she formally announced her plan to run for president, Clinton was trying to shore up her support in that community after saying some things they didn’t approve of.

The Daily Mail reports:

New emails from the Wikileaks cache show that Hillary Clinton’s campaign had Google’s Eric Schmidt draw her up a campaign plan.

And she secretly met with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs after some interpreted remarks she made as being against the ‘sharing economy.’ (…)

Clinton engaged with a broader swath of Silicon Valley about a year and a half later, sitting down for a secret roundtable with tech leaders in August of 2015.

The group, which included leaders at the top of Uber, Airbnb, Lyft, Instacart, Munchery and others, was assembled so that Clinton could listen to them and reinforce that she was ‘the candidate of the future.’

These tech moguls were concerned about Clinton’s remarks that giants of the “sharing economy” like Uber and AirBnB were exploiting workers.

Left unsaid in the article, but surely a question worth asking, is whether or not Clinton tried to shake down any of these mulit-millionaires for “donations” to her family’s Foundation.

Source: Daily Mail

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