EXPOSED – Hillary’s Secret Service Agent SPEAKS…America STUNNED By What He REVEALS!

Hillary Clinton and her camp dismiss any talk of her fragile health as “conspiracies” spread by internet trolls. So what happens when a highly regarded professional with first hand experience working for Clinton emerges and echoes those “trolls”?

Americans are about to find out, because a Secret Service agent who once worked the “First Lady” detail during the Bill Clinton administration has a lot to say about the video showing a frail Hillary being carried off from the 9/11 memorial.

Gary Byrne writes:

Through the lens of my 29-year-career in The Service, I can see what a naked-eyed media pundit cannot: There is something seriously wrong with Mrs. Clinton. (…)

Here’s what was very disturbing to me: after the medical episode, she went to her daughter’s apartment and not to an Emergency Room. Secret Service procedure for each detail dictates that everyone knows which hospital to go to depending on the event – heart failure, gunshot, you name it. It is very revealing that, whatever is wrong with her, she is being treated by her own private medical specialists in secret and, judging by the ballet-like reaction by her detail, they have dealt with this before. (…)

When I protected her, I witnessed her irate behavior and, frankly, I don’t think anyone can operate with such uncontrollable fits of anger and not have it take a toll on a person’s health—I think that’s exactly what has resulted. I can’t help but feel sorry for her detail, because I know from personal experience that they will bear the burden for as long as their mental and physical resilience will tolerate. I bet that night they got berated for letting this “leak,” but it has nothing to do with their performance and everything to do with her character.

Byrne’s full report includes fascinating and revealing information, such as the existence routine use of a “Secret Service issued un-snap-able belt, which is used to lift and move a protectee to where they wanted the person to go.” He notes that Hillary was wearing no such belt and wondered why.

He analyses other breaks from protocol that only an insider would notice. It all adds up to make an already disturbing incident even more concerning.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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