LOOK: Hillary’s Sickness Hiding In Plain Sight! Everyone Missed It Until NOW…

When we talk about Hillary Clinton’s wardrobe, we’re normally blown away by the price tags. A $12,000 designer jacket?!? So much for being able to “understand” the middle class.

For all the wardrobe issues, Americans are even more concerned about the health of an aging Hillary who cannot seem to tell anyone the truth… about anything.  If you saw the Jimmy Kimmel interview, then yes, she has a pulse, and yes, she can (probably) open a pickle jar, but there’s clearly something more serious going on.

Now one critic has noticed something else about the clothes she wears on the campaign trail and is asking a question nobody else is:

Why is Hillary dressing like it’s fall when it’s still August?

After posting a photo of Clinton’s long, dark, tweedy coat, this writer has some ideas about why she chose to put that on:

– to keep Zika mosquitos from sucking what’s left of her blood from her shrinking, soulless, carcass.

– to hide IV needle marks

– when you’re old as Moses you get cold easy.

– all the extra pockets to put Radical Muslim checks in after speech

– she’s lined it with her emails and wants to keep them close by

– covering up to pander to the Muslim vote

– vampires shouldn’t be out in sunlight

There are more! It’s funny stuff but there is a serious issue underlying this photo: Is Hillary Clinton really healthy enough to serve as Commander in Chief?  Share your thoughts below!

Credit: Clash Daily

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