BOOM: Hillary’s Speech Was Full Of Errors…So Donald Corrects Them With A SLEDGEHAMMER!

Hillary’s acceptance speech at the Democrat Convention was so riddled with twisted facts, misrepresentations of Donald, and outright lies about the state of our nation, even the fact checkers were calling her out on it.  Just like Obama’s—but at least his was entertaining.  Instead of just screaming.

The mainstream media gushed over her speech even though she didn’t give them much to work with. (And Trump won the ratings battle even with the contest tilted by the media in Hillary’s favor).  Donald decided to make her mistakes clear to the nation, so he took directly to Twitter and Facebook to weigh in:

Hillary said she would talk plenty about her own story and her specific plans, since her own convention had spent so much time claiming falsely that Trump has no concrete plans to help the nation. She intimated that instead of fighting for the nomination, Trump had simply inherited it.

How many people did Hillary have to beat to win the nomination? An old socialist and and a washed up governor of Maryland? Oh, sorry, almost forgot that she had to rig the whole thing with the DNC chairman and the superdelegates to win.  No, Hillary, you inherited the nomination and you’re not going to be able to handle Donald.

Then Donald put out a full statement completely eviscerating Hillary.  I encourage you to read it in full:

Source: Twitter

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