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Hollywood Director Reveals Plan To Defeat ISIS And (Surprise!) It’s UTTERLY Absurd
By Faith Braverman|April 20, 2017

President Trump’s foreign policy has been causing a lot of positive uproar in recent weeks. Many who were frustrated by the inaction of the Obama administration are heartened by our current president’s bold leadership.

Trump’s missile strikes on a Syrian air base as well as the recent bombing of ISIS in Afghanistan have sent a clear message to the world, and North Korea in particular, that America is once again the leading superpower defending the free world.

Yet in a staggering display of stupidity, liberal documentary film director Josh Fox stated that he has the real answer to stopping the violence in the Middle East.

Fox’s completely warped logic fails to factor in the harsh reality that you can’t hug all terrorists out of existence. Life isn’t like the Care Bears.

From The Daily Wire:

One may not agree with the use of the MOAB for the purpose of eliminating ISIS, but one cannot believe – with any sincerity – that the United States could bring an end to terrorism without killing jihadists.

The fervency of radical Islam is comparable to nothing else. Religious fanaticism is an incredibly powerful motivator, and to suggest that “aid” and “love” would create a climate in which there is “no terror” is naive at best, and dangerous at worst.

Fox’s anti-terrorism strategy truly doesn’t differ too greatly from former president Obama’s. Obama’s failed attempts to stop the threat of ISIS included flowery statements of conquering our enemies by appeasement.

Obama constantly attempted to downplay the seriousness of ISIS, calling them a “JV team” while refusing to even say the words “radical Islam.”

At some point, the destabilizing aspects of ISIS in the Middle East needed to be acknowledged and dealt with. We now have a president unafraid to answer that call.

As Vice President Mike Pence stated in Japan recently, “The United States of America will always seek peace but under President Donald J. Trump, the shield stands guard and the sword stands ready.”

Source: The Daily Wire

Faith Braverman
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