Hollywood Celebrity Takes In Muslim Refugees—Guess What Happened Next?

For years conservatives had to endure the abuse of arrogant liberals. All too often they’ve called us racist, sexist, hateful, or worse. All because we stand by our convictions and put our countries first.

Liberal celebrities have attacked America and other countries for not taking in “enough” refugees. They seem to be unaware of the many refugees that are taken in. They also seem to be ignorant of how many of the refugees wreak havoc on our countries.

One of the most outspoken liberals on this issue was pop star Lilly Allen. We’ve now learned that, because of her virtue signaling, she is suffering from a case of homelessness.

From Mad World News:

The Sun reports that after setting the example by generously opening her apartment to foreign tenants, Allen and her 2 children are now homeless for the Christmas season because her immigrant guests have refused to leave, and much to Allen’s dismay, they have diplomatic immunity and cannot be evicted…

Allen made a desperate plea for sympathy on social media only to be inundated with a barrage of comments mocking her fair-weather activism in perfect I-told-you-so fashion…

“You could of given that flat to a couple of refugees instead of profiteering out of the limited properties in London!!#Champagnesocilaist,” one social media user wrote, while another said, “Thought she’d given up her home to refugees and they were actually diplomats! I’m always making that mistake!”…

Allen’s unfortunate yet self-induced circumstances come just a year after arrogantly apologizing to Muslim migrants in the Calais Jungle camp on Britain’s behalf and relentlessly demanding already burdened taxpayers take in more asylum seekers.

After sparking outrage on social media and accusations of hypocrisy, Allen vowed to take in a child refugee herself. As it turns out, Allen didn’t take in a child refugee but sought to benefit her own pocket by leasing her luxury apartment to the foreign diplomats, who’ve now taken over her home.

So, after virtue signaling about refugees, Lilly Allen rents out her home to rich folks. Now they refuse to leave because they’re diplomats. Ouch.

Allen never took in poor, destitute Syrian refugees. She didn’t help children who were suffering in Calais. She just wanted to make some quick cash. Now she is facing the kind of hospitality she deserves.

I find it hard to believe a wealthy celebrity is “homeless.” Not like the many U.S. veterans who suffer from homelessness. She can easily find a place to live. Maybe she can hit up one of her many celebrity pals. Perhaps a refugee family can take her in. It never hurts to ask Lilly.

This story is just another example of liberal double standards. They bellyache about the cruelty of the United States or Britain. But when push comes to shove, they do nothing to help.

In the end, they’re only out for themselves.

Source: Mad World News

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