Late Night Host Is Drawing OUTRAGE For This Disgusting Attack On Donald Trump…Truly VILE!

Liberals call anyone they don’t agree with “Hitler” or a “Nazi” — except, of course, for truly evil people (often other leftists) who really do act like fascist dictators.

Progressives also love to brag about how sophisticated they are, even though they seem to get most of their political information from comedians on late night TV.

Case in point: We’re constantly told that Stephen Colbert is one of the smarter humorists working today, but his latest gag was so stale and childish, it’s amazing it made in on the air:

Stephen Colbert slammed Donald Trump on Tuesday’s episode of The Late Show, drawing a swastika to explain the presumed Republican presidential nominee’s response to the Orlando, Florida mass shooting on Sunday.

“This whole speech, with its nativism, its fear-mongering, and especially its self-aggrandizing in the face of tragedy, feels like a new low,” Colbert said on Monday’s Late Show. “It makes me long for the days when Trump was just bragging about the size of his penis.”

From there, Colbert decided to tie all of Trump’s Orlando and terrorism comments together using a chalkboard. The result was a swastika.

Hasn’t the allegedly “brilliant” Colbert ever heard of “Godwin’s Law”? It states that if your debating opponent compares you to “Hitler,” he automatically forfeits the argument.

America defeated Hitler’s Germany over 70 years ago, but so-called “progressives” live in the past, fighting yesterday’s war instead of combating the very real threats facing humanity today. Lame jokes like these aren’t just humorless. They’re an insult to everyone who fought against, and perished under, the real Nazis, and a dangerous distraction from the pressing issues at hand.


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