OMG! Mike Huckabee Just Told Us What He’s Doing Next And It’s AWESOME!

Now that Cruz and Kasich have bowed out of the presidential race, there’s no reason for the GOP to not rally behind Donald Trump.

He tops every poll, he’s been winning state after state, and a growing number of Americans are getting behind his no nonsense approach to politics.

There should be zero Republicans left to challenge him and not offer their support.

One surprising leader has seen the light. After Trump clinched Indiana, effectively ending Cruz’s campaign, former Arkansas governor and Conservative spokesperson, Mike Huckabee announced his support for Trump.

In a post on his website, he said he was “all in” to aid Trump in defeating Hillary Clinton and the ominous third Obama term, as reported by Conservative Tribune…

The former governor exposed the deception of the “Never Trump” movement, saying, “The dirty little secret is that the Never Trump movement was more about providing high dollar work for the political consultants than stopping the disaster of an Obama third term which is the result of electing Hillary Clinton.”

Although the traditional conservative and the business mogul have plenty of differing views–such as in abortion, gay marriages, and the Israeli-Palestine conflict–Huckabee acknowledged the many ways they are united.

“It’s nothing compared to the chasm between us and the socialist, big government approach of the Democrats,” he explained. “I’m convinced that Donald Trump is our best hope of turning the tide of the insider political nonsense that has left people seething and being able to defeat Hillary,” Huckabee concluded.

Huckabee is regarded as an influential voice among Conservatives in America.

His support of Trump will go a long way in convincing Republicans who are still holding out. Hopefully his statement will reverberate to every corner of the GOP and they will bring a united front in the general election.  Nothing less will defeat Hillary and the liberals.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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