BOOM – Huckabee Makes STUNNING Claim…PROVES Trump Is The Leader America Needs!

A campaign manager is supposed get his candidate’s name in the news, not his own.

Unfortunately, Corey Lewandowski was the one who made headlines after accusations he’d “assaulted” a Breitbart reporter during a press scrum sparked a civil war among conservatives.

The incident had been mostly forgotten when, seemingly out of the blue, the Trump camp dismissed Lewandowski on Monday. One political insider told the hosts of Fox & Friends that this shakeup shouldn’t worry Trump’s supporters. In fact, it should renew their confidence in the GOP hopeful:

[F]ormer Gov. Mike Huckabee said that the could be a good thing for the presumed Republican presidential nominee’s campaign, because if Lewandowski really needed to be cut, this could prove indicative of Trump’s ability to stomach major changes.

“Donald Trump thought that there needed to be new leadership. He made the change,” Huckabee said. “You know what I would like to see? A president who would fire somebody when it was time to fire them.”

“I would like to see a president who would fire somebody at the VA, who would fire somebody at the IRS, who would fire people at the DOJ for invading people’s private phone calls,” he explained. “Instead, we’ve had an administration for eight years that won’t fire anybody.”

“This would be kind of refreshing to see an executive who acted like one,” he added.

Huckabee is right, of course. America owes Corey Lewindoski a huge debt of gratitude, but what worked in the primary against 17 opponents and a Republican audience simply wasn’t working against Hillary in the general. Trump’s nimbleness and decisiveness shows Americans what kind of president he will be!

Source: Conservative Tribune

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