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BRUTAL – Huckabee Sends Obama A SEETHING Letter…The President Is FURIOUS!
By PJ Editor|August 18, 2016

Former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee just launched a brutal broadside against President Obama.

As Obama lounges in Martha’s Vineyard, thousands of Louisianans are left homeless, powerless and desperate as historic floods have destroyed 40,000 homes. The president hasn’t lifted a finger or even acknowledged their suffering. But why should he…Louisiana is a red state!

After destroying Obama for his vacation, Huck turns to the suffering in Louisiana…

“My neighbors in Louisiana aren’t having it so good, Mr. President. They are underwater — again. Historic floods that have impacted or destroyed 40,000 homes and left thousands of families homeless are sure ruining their hopes for a summer vacation this year. Probably will take away hopes for a summer vacation next year as well,” he said.

He then really shames Obama by pointing out that the last Democrat president wasn’t nearly as tone deaf and immoral as him…

“President Clinton — you know him, right? He plays a lot of golf too, but when major disasters struck, President Clinton came. Natural disasters aren’t political. And elected officials shouldn’t be either in the midst of one.”

“Whatever our political differences, he understood that his presence, like that of the local governor, was reassuring to people who will never know the sweet seabreeze of Martha’s Vineyard,” Huckabee explained.

The Louisiana floods are a national disaster more destructive than Hurricane Katrina. But there is a Democrat in the White House so I guess that isn’t important.

Source: Conservative Tribune

PJ Editor
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