Huge Trump Hater FORCED To Admit HARD TRUTH…Leaves Liberals STUNNED!

The Washington Post has printed some of the most biased anti-Trump rhetoric this election season, especially this past week. That’s why it’s surprising that they allowed in a dissident voice, even one as unenthusiastic as Joe Scarborough.

The MSNBC host and erstwhile Republican damned Trump with faint praise, calling him “the voters default choice” with an air of resignation. Scarborough writes:

This week will show Trump falling further behind in the polls. But if the past is prologue, expect him to climb his way back into the race and keep elites and influencers on the edge of their seats until election night. Trump appears to be the default position for millions of voters. And if he stops working every day to drive them away over the next four weeks, Trump could still be elected the 45th president of the United States.

Scarborough is either feigning confusion or he really is that out of touch. His op-ed is full of Beltway style analysis, obsessing over polls and judging Trump’s campaign by the standard of other presidential races throughout history.

But if other, ordinary Americans have learned anything this year, it’s that the old rules no longer apply. The elites still don’t get it.

Source: Washington Post

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