“America’s two most prominent newspapers used to compete for Pulitzer Prizes and readers, but now they’re competing to see which can suck up more to Clinton.”

We’ve all felt it and even said it, but few as well as Michael Goodwin. At the New York Post, the veteran journalist has looked around at his fellow reporters and found them wanting. He’s just written a scathing indictment of the media that everyone will be talking about:

On Friday, both papers’ editorial pages turned on fellow liberal card-carrier Matt Lauer for his performance as the moderator of the commander-in-chief forum, with The Washington Post blasting him for being too tough on Clinton and the Times accusing Lauer of letting Trump ramble, boast and lie.

The unsubtle point was clear: journalists must focus all their firepower on Trump, or they will get a beatdown from the Clinton Praetorian Guard. She must be protected, even if that means taking the “new” out of “news.” How odd for businesses protected by the First Amendment to demand that others shut up.

Goodwin points out that the tone of these another other media outlets reflects one thing: “Desperation.” It’s because once again, as she did in 2008, Hillary Clinton isn’t looking so “inevitable” any more.

He reminds everyone (including any journalists who may be reading) that there is something called the Law of Diminishing Returns: that “the media’s nonstop bashing of the GOP nominee” might be “backfiring.”

Add to all that Hillary Clinton’s “own goal” remark, tossing basically half the country into a bigoted “basket of deplorables” and none of this is adding up for a Democratic slam dunk in November.

Source: New York Post

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