Hurricane Survivor Asks Obama A Question On Camera—Now It’s Spreading Like Wildfire

President Donald Trump touched down in Florida to get a firsthand look at response efforts to Hurricane Irma.  

While doing so, the commander-in-chief visited with some of the victims, and he once again demonstrated how fully vested he is in making sure that relief efforts go off without a hitch.

Trump’s simple actions speak volumes to those affected by Irma’s wrath, and you would imagine that it makes dealing their struggles at least a little more manageable.

Independent Journal Review shares the news on Trump’s trip:

President Trump and the first lady traveled to Florida Thursday to meet with emergency response crews and victims of Hurricane Irma. Trump met with first responders and members of the military in an airport hangar and then traveled to an emergency food and water distribution center in Fort Myers, Florida.

Trump struck up a conversation with one of the victims, who was clearly impressed with the commander-in-chief’s response to the situation at hand.

The simple conversation with the man quickly transformed into a memorable moment.

However, one man wearing a New England Patriots shirt leaned in and whispered a question to Trump. The president laughed, spun the man around to face the media cameras, and said, “This man has a question.”

The man looked directly into the cameras and asked, “Where was Obama on the last hurricane?”

The man then turned back to Trump and said something inaudible.

Trump looked directly at the cameras after, pointed to the man, and said, “It was the best vote of his life.”

Even the biggest anti-Trump detractor can find zero fault with the Trump administration’s response to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

There was absolutely no feet dragging or hand wringing. The problem was recognized, plans were quickly put in place, and they were immediately executed.

While that’s the way it should be, the federal government doesn’t exactly have a reputation for responding to things with clock-like precision.

Trump is doing his best to change that, and his response to the natural disasters is just the latest evidence.

You can check out what the victim had to say to the media below.  


Source: Independent Journal Review

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