Trump’s ICE Makes Genius Move Against Sanctuary Cities—Illegals Have 10,000 Reasons To Panic!

President Trump and his leaders are cracking down on illegal immigration.

The wall is getting built. Criminal aliens are getting deported. The country is getting safe.

Yet leaders in liberal cities still fight back, protecting illegals in “sanctuary cities.” But ICE just gave them some very bad news.

From Louder With Crowder:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Acting Director Thomas Homan said Tuesday that he plans on sending hundreds of agents to sanctuary cities in the near future as part of a major crackdown on illegal immigration.

Homan told Washington Examiner on Tuesday that he plans to address “ludicrous” sanctuary cities.

“In the America I grew up in, cities didn’t shield people who violated the law,” Homan told the publication. “What I want to get is a clear understanding from everybody, from the congressmen to the politicians to law enforcement to those who enter the country illegally, that ICE is open for business…”

Count on leftists to behave like petulant children. They can whine all they want. The Chief’s perfectly content to fire up the steamroller. It’s true that some illegals may be otherwise decent people. They’re still breakers of the law, and they’ve got a bus to be catching. Those ICE agents are there to escort them out. Who says politeness is dead?

The left can bellyache all they want. But the fact remains: illegal immigration is coming to an end.

It’s hard to understand why they wanted to help criminals in the first place. Shouldn’t honest, hard-working immigrants come here legally? It’s not easy, but nothing’s easy!

Letting in millions of undocumented immigrants makes a mockery of our laws.

Violating the federal government to protect those criminals is an insult to every man, woman, and child who’s here legally.

With ICE hiring more agents, sanctuary cities will find it harder to hide their violators. ICE will be more effective at rooting out the illegals and keeping Americans safe.

Let’s all take a moment and enjoy the wails from the left.

Source: Louder With Crowder

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